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Kids ‘N’ Pets Works Wonders

Kids 'N' Pets

We’ve all been there before… you get home to find your new puppy, or your cute kitty has messed on the floor. Or the couch. Or the rug. And on top of that, your kids have spilled something too! While we love our kids and pets with our whole heart, cleaning up those poopy, sticky, stinky messes is never a fun job. And you definitely want something that does the job well!

That’s why one dad created Kids ‘N’ Pets Instant All-Purpose Stain and Odor Remover. The product is formulated with two goals: to get rid of both stains and odors and be safe enough for the whole family. Plus its multi-purpose formula can clean up messes ranging from cat urine to throw-up, red wine spills to set-in grass stains… on multiple surfaces. It’s safe to use on carpet, clothing, auto upholstery, mattresses, concrete and more.

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