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KFC Promotes ‘Stock-tails’ Made of Gravy and Booze

A great drink needs gravy. At least that’s what KFC is pitching.

The fast-food restaurant released three cocktail recipes featuring its savory gravy, otherwise known as “stock-tails” with booze. It’s “gravy so good you can drink it,” KFC says.

The three recipes are: Gravy Mary, Southern Twist and Fingerlickin’ Sour.

Apparently, stock-tails have become a trend, according to They can likely be found in restaurant bars with kitchens where stock can easily be made.

If these recipes cooked up by KFC intrigue you, they provided instructions for all three drinks.

The Gravy Mary

20ml KFC Gravy
50ml vodka (optional)
90ml tomato juice
1 tsp horseradish cream
20ml worcester sauce
15ml lemon juice
Hot sauce
Paprika, celery salt, pepper
Highball glass
KFC Popcorn Chicken

Method: Put paprika, celery salt horseradish, hot sauce & worcester sauce in a cocktail mixer. Add vodka (optional), lemon juice, tomato juice & KFC Gravy. Throw cocktail between two mixers. Pour over ice into a highball. Garnish with celery & KFC popcorn chicken.

See full video below: 

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