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Actor Ken Jeong Celebrates National First Responders Day

Ken Jeong

In time for National First Responders Day, actor Ken Jeong is on a mission: to encourage Americans to recognize and celebrate the important work our EMTs, firefighters, police officers and other emergency workers do each day to keep us safe.

“As a medical professional myself, first responders are the most important part of the medical team because they are the ones on the front lines,” Jeong told The Daily Buzz. “I know first hand they are the ones supplying all the information from the first responders and it takes a village and I am here to raise a toast to them.”

You know Ken Jeong from The Hangover, Crazy Rich Asians and The Masked Singer.  Jeong is not simply suggesting a toast to First Responders, but with them, in the form of a great-tasting, alcohol-free Heineken 0.0.

“This is near and dear to my heart. This is one of the most heartfelt things I have done in order to support National First Responders Day,” said Jeong.  “If you go online of Heineken, you can deliver these alcohol free drinks to the responders in your city.”

Heineken 0.0 is the right call when you’re on-call, making it a great option for those whose professions require they stay 100% alert and ready for action. #NowYouCan enjoy a great-tasting beer without the alcohol.

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