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Katy Perry Collapses After Gas Leak On American Idol

Katy Perry

Coming up on Sunday’s episode of American Idol, Judge Katy Perry collapses on the floor because of an apparent gas leak. In a sneak peek clip, the judges are running out of the studio after the gas leak was brought to attention. Everyone in line to audition for American Idol are evacuated out of the studio. Katy Perry was the first to notice the gas leak. In the sneak peek, the 35 year old, who is sitting between Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie, asks, “Do you guys smell gas?” And Bryan begins to notice saying that it’s propane.

A crewman comes in the studio saying, “I need everyone to get up and follow me as quickly as possible,” as sirens are going on in the background. As they are exiting, Perry admits that she “doesn’t feel good” and passes out on the ground! See the sneak peek video here:

Video: American Idol