Kanye West Caught on Video Eating His Own Ear Wax

Kanye West

A viral video showing rapper Kanye West reportedly eating his earwax has shocked fans on social media and the fan-captured clip has also sparked a debate online.

The video was shot at the 42-year-old musician’s Sunday service, where he stands among a sea of people. At one point, Kanye digs into the lower part of his inner ear, and then brings out the finger only to quickly puts it into his mouth, reports “aceshowbiz.”

“So I didn’t even notice but I got a video of @kanyewest eating his earwax,” the uploader wrote alongside the video.

One other fan defended Yeezy. “Cap he didn’t even dig in his ear he scratched his earlobe and took gum out his mouth,” the remark learn. “Trying to get some seconds of fame. Scratched his ear and removed something from his mouth. Simple,” one other wrote.

Kanye hasn’t responded to the earwax drama but however since he’s within the public eye and might be used to criticism by now, he could not.

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