Justin Bieber Challenges Tom Cruise to UFC Fight on Twitter

Justin Bieber

On Sunday, Justin Bieber challenged Tom Cruise to join him in the octagon (the UFC ring) to solve a problem so fiendishly difficult no-one had previously bothered to think of it.

If a 25-year-old pop star stands 5ft 9in (175cm) and sells 150 million records, attracting 106 million Twitter followers, why does he randomly decide to try to goad a 56-year-old movie star into fighting him?

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“I wanna challenge Tom Cruise to a fight in the octagon,” Bieber tweeted Sunday. “Tom if you don’t take this fight your (sic) scared and you will never live it down.”

The reactions to the tweet ranged from mockery to complete shock, including one user claiming that Twitter is a simulation and we’re all just forced to live with it.

Some fans were questioning why Bieber was challenging Cruise to a fight and not working on his next studio album.

UFC star Conor McGregor retweeted Bieber’s post and offered to host the bout.

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“I wanna challenge user justinbieber to release his 5th studio album,” a fan wrote in response.