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Joe Jackson Hospitalized With Terminal Cancer

Joe Jackson

Jackson family patriarch Joe Jackson has been hospitalized with terminal cancer, TMZ reports.

The 89-year-old is reportedly in the hospital with cancer that cannot be treated, according to sources. Jackson’s wife, Katherine, and some of his children and grandchildren have reportedly visited him.

Sources say Jackson has been battling the illness for some time and is “at the end stages.” Doctors have reportedly spoken to his family.

Jackson is the father of the late Michael Jackson as well as singer Janet Jackson and nine other children.

Sources told the Daily Mail that Jackson has been sick for months but recently “took a turn for the worse.”

Joe was responsible for guiding his children, who formed the Jackson 5, to superstardom. Michael notoriously had issues with his “strict” dad, and it was rumored after Michael’s death, that he cut Joe out of his will and would not allow him to have custody of his three children — giving Katherine sole responsibility for them.

The nine year anniversary of Michael’s death will be on June 25th.