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Judge Jerry Springer Moves from Talk Show to Courtroom

Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer trades his talk show for the courtroom when “Judge Jerry” premieres Monday.

Jerry Springer can still be seen on previously taped episodes of his raucous “Jerry Springer Show.” Springer’s new endeavor finds him wearing a black judge’s robe and presiding over small claims cases on the daytime court show, taped in Stamford, Conn. and airing weekdays.

Jerry Springer, 75, took some time out from taping “Judge Jerry” to talk about the new show.

“We tape 30-35 cases a week and we do it every other week. The off week is when I have to study and research these cases, which come from all 50 states, so whatever the case is before us I have to apply the law from that state — what are the parameters of the decision I can make? The litigants don’t know they’re going to be on TV when they file [their cases]. They didn’t even know I had a judge show. It’s not like, “Let’s create this controversy so we can be on television.” These are real cases, and whatever I decide that’s it, therefore I’m real conscious of treating these people with respect because these issues are important to them. The judgments are $5,000 or less, and for a lot of people $5,000 isn’t chump change.”

“NBC had been talking to me for years about doing something else, and they thought the judge show was a natural fit because I started out as a lawyer and it’s a daytime audience — the same audience with me in a different role, but a role that I believe people can accept. ”