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Jenna Bush Hager Kicks off ‘Today’ With Support From George W. Bush

Jenna Bush Hager

Jenna Bush Hager made her debut as co-host of Today with a virtual message from her father, George W. Bush.

Bush Hager replaced Kathie Lee Gifford on the fourth hour of Today with Hoda Kotb. As of Monday, the NBC show will be called, TODAY with Hoda & Jenna.

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The former President sent his support via video to encourage his daughter on her first day at the job. “Hey, Jenna, your old dad here on film to tell you how much I love you and how proud I am of you,” he said. “I know you’ll do a fabulous job.”

Hager’s mother, Laura Bush, added, “Jenna, your mother and your mother-in-law are calling to say we’re so proud of you!”

Bush Hager’s twin, Barbara Bush, sent a sweet message.

“To me, being born a twin was the luckiest thing because our day-to-day was very normal, but we were obviously born into circumstances that were pretty unusual,” she said. “So it was incredible to have someone to walk through life with. She had a huge imagination, which made our lives so much fun because we then created this imaginary world together.”

“I’m so proud of my sister and I’m so excited for her on this new adventure,” she continued. “I’m thrilled that she and Hoda will get to work together because Jenna is such a good sister to me, but, in many ways, such a good sister to her colleagues and friends.”

Jenna Bush Hager Joining 4th hour of TODAY as Co-Host

Congratulations Jenna Bush Hager on this new, exciting adventure!