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#IMomSoHard Duo Partners with Yoplait


Moms may not agree on many things, but there’s little argument that the job of modern parenting is a tough one that comes with a lot of judgment from other people. The ongoing cycle of criticism, whether real or perceived, causes moms to lose their confidence. New research suggests moms are internalizing the judgment and even changing the way they are parenting as a result. 

A new survey, “Mom Judgment Today,” commissioned by Yoplait, sheds light on the mom judgment issue across the country. Key survey findings include:

  • Nearly one-third of moms (29%) adjust their parenting decisions in public because they worry others will judge them
  • Nearly one in three respondents (28%) feel like a bad mom as a result of being judged
  • 75 percent of moms report they would be happier if they felt less judged
  • More than half of moms (53%) take judgment of their parenting choices to heart


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