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Iggy Azalea And DeAndre Hopkins Are Reportedly Dating

Talk about an upgrade! Iggy Azalea has confirmed that she is dating Houston Texan wide receiver, DeAndre Hopkins.

A few days ago, Hopkins commented under a post on his Instagram when a fan asked if he was dating the 28-year-old “Fancy” rapper to which he responded, “Yes indeed.” The two have been keeping things very lowkey. They don’t follow each other on IG, but they’ve been liking and commenting under each other’s pics! Very interesting, I might say.

According to Pop culture, Azalea was asked during an interview with Y 100 Miami if she preferred the Miami Dolphins or the Houston Texans. Of course, she responded “Houston Texans.”

“Do you know why I’m asking you this?” the interviewer asked, to which Azalea laughed and responded, “Yes.”

“DeAndre Hopkins, are we dating — or what’s the situation?” the interviewer pressed.

“Yeah, we’re in a relationship,” she confirmed.

Congrats to the new couple!