Hulk Puppy in North Carolina Born Lime Green Color

Hulk Puppy

Shana Stamey and her family say their white German shepherd Gypsy gave birth to eight puppies Friday morning and puppy number four was very unusual.

“I started freaking out because it was green,” Stamey told WILX.

A veterinarian technician says the color is from meconium, which is infant animal stool that contains bile. Junaluska Animal Hospital veterinarian technician Suzanne Cianciulli told WLOS that some puppies can come out with a green tint from meconium, an infant mammal’s earliest stool.

North Carolina family's dog gives birth to green pup

A puppy rightfully named Hulk! One WNC family was shocked when this little guy came into the world with his bright green color. http://bit.ly/2FPt7Bs

Posted by WLOS ABC 13 on Thursday, January 16, 2020

The veterinarian told Stamey that the mother “licks it away until I bathe it and then, I guess after a couple of weeks, it will finally like fade out.”

The family named the green puppy Hulk. “He was lime green and super mad, so yeah, he became Hulk,” Stamey said.

The vet expects the lime green color to eventually fade.