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Howard Stern Opens Up to David Letterman About Psychotherapy, OCD

On the latest episode of David Letterman’s Netflix talk show, Howard Stern opened up about his own life — including his struggles with OCD, anger and betraying the trust of friends and loved ones during a period when he focused intensely on his career at the expense of his personal life.

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Stern also addressed his behavior to Letterman in these years, which he said made him “ashamed.” In 2011, Stern appeared on Letterman’s CBS show The Late Show to apologize for behavior that included retelling Letterman’s private calls to him on air.

“It would be pure id, total honesty, and I had a lot of rage, and I was going to let that rage out … Which is great radio but really damaging to your personal life. You become a madman and that’s who I was,” Stern said.

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