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How To Create a Perfect Holiday Cheese Board

Whether it’s an intimate dinner or all all-out party, a holiday cheese board is a perfect appetizer to put out that requires zero baking/ cooking.

How do you know what cheeses go well together? What kind of crackers do I need? What about the board? Learn how to create a perfect cheese board for the upcoming holidays with The Cheeses of Europe!

Wondering which cheeses to use? Charles Duque, Managing Director of CNIEL, Americas states, “Always use a variety of different cheeses, including washed rind, soft, hard and a pungent blue. And don’t forget to let them come to room temperature.” Duque recommends taking cheeses out of the refrigerator a full hour before serving them. #makeitmagnifique

Charles Duque, Managing Director of CNIEL

About the Cheeses of Europe

The Cheeses of Europe Marketing Campaign, orchestrated by Cniel (The French Dairy Inter-Branch Organization) and funded in part by the European Union, was designed to create awareness for the variety of European cheeses available in the US market and to suggest ways that American consumers can incorporate those cheeses into their diets, recipes and lifestyles. The campaign’s goal is to increase the appeal of European cheeses and strengthen their competitive position in the growing specialty cheese category.