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Get Your Family to a Picturesque Vacation Destination This Summer


“Oh look, honey. We got Karen’s holiday card. Her family went to…is that Bora Bora?”

Many Americans suffer from this kind of envy. Presenting symptoms include but are not limited to: summer vacation regret, desperate family clothing match attempts, and late-night internet searches for “perfect family holiday photo” and an attempt to recreate.

Unfortunately, by the time these symptoms appear, it’s too late. Karen’s secret? She planned ahead.

Expedia travel expert Lisa Perkovic shares deals and destinations to make your next card epic! From photo-worthy locations to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, Perkovic has ideas that will make Karen question everything when she gets your card. It’s time to pack a bag and turn some dreams into realities.

Lisa discusses this year’s hot destinations and shares how to find and book activities before you arrive!

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