High School Senior Receiving Backlash Wearing Chinese Dress to Prom

A senior at Woods Cross High School in Woods Cross, Utah is receiving backlash for her prom dress.

Keziah Daum decided to wear a traditional Chinese dress to attend her last prom. She purchased the dress at a thrift store in Salt Lake City and said she really liked the way the dress looked.

The 18-year old took to Twitter to post the prom photos and that’s when the world started to chime in. Some people felt like she was being racist and that she shouldn’t have worn the garment because she isn’t of Chinese descent.

@holdyourbutts tweeted, “Was the theme of prom casual racism?”

Daum didn’t think she was offending anybody when she got dressed for prom.

Other people thought she looked gorgeous in the dress and didn’t understand why people were bashing her. @MissGinaDarling tweeted, “I’m asian and I’m not insulted in any way. You look beautiful.”

The Twitter community is divided when it comes down to thinking of the dress was deemed as cultural appropriation. A lot of twitter followers had Daum’s back and thought she looked nice, but they didn’t like the hand pose she made in the group photo.

Daum took to Twitter to defend her actions and felt like she did nothing wrong.

She simply wanted to look beautiful on final prom.