High School Prom Couple Photobombed By The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

Two high school students were posing for their prom photos when they were photobombed by the cast of The Walking Dead on Saturday, March 23rd in Senoia, Georgia.

Photographer Stephanie Smith captured the spooky moment the cast members came upon the teens. “Senoia a really popular place to take photos because it’s a pretty, almost Victorian-like town,” said the photographer, Stephanie Smith. “I was actually trying not to get the [‘Walking Dead’] set in there because we wanted a pretty background.”

Smith told The Daily Buzz, “It was a typical prom shoot, with a limited amount of time because I had a lot of prom couples that day.  I was used to ‘The Walking Dead’ area.  All the kids kept looking over at something and it caught my attention.  So, I grabbed my camera and kept shooting.  The zombies kept in character and played along with the teenagers. Every time that specific couple took the photos, they seemed walked by.”

Smith estimated as many as 15 to 20 zombies crept behind the prom photo shoot. The zombies were not extras from the show, according to Smith, but are part of the tourist industry that sprung up after “The Walking Dead” began filming in the small town a few years ago.

Smith told Good Morning America, “I kept clicking my camera because she thought the photos would be a funny memento for the students, a sophomore and junior at a high school in nearby Fayetteville, Georgia.”

“The normality of more and more films and TV shows being filmed in Georgia makes me want to have my camera on me at all times,” Smith tells The Daily Buzz.

Smith is located in Newnan, Georgia.