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Heated Feud on ‘The View’ Forces Whoopi to Cut to Commercial

Meghan McCain

The View got so heated on Monday morning that Whoopi Goldberg had to cut to commercial.

The co-hosts were arguing over Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller’s report and President Donald Trump’s communications with Russia.

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“Then what’s the problem?” McCain asked. “So he’s the worst president in history. According to our legal analyst, there’s so much in this report that is damning and whatever. Then what’s the problem? Why is everyone so nervous about 2020? If this is just a nail in the coffin…”

“Because we’re afraid the Russians will steal the election again, that’s why,” Behar shot back.

“But to me, that sounds irrational,” McCain said. “That’s an irrational answer.”

McCain then told Behar the “rational” response to the report would be for Democrats to try to win voters in the middle of the country in the 2020 election.

“I always took Trump seriously,” McCain continued. “You can go back and check the receipts when I worked at Fox and when I worked on my radio show. I always took Trump seriously. This mess that we all got ourselves into, I blame the left as much as the right, and the demonizing of all conservatives in this country, all Trump supporters in every way. You’re getting him re-elected.”

McCain said the report found Trump “didn’t collude” with Russia, but Behar said, “You know that’s not true!”

Goldberg took the show to a commercial break while McCain continued to yell over her co-hosts. “We’ll be right back,” Goldberg mouthed to the audience.

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