“Uber Hawk” Hitches Ride on Car Windshield Through Downtown Los Angeles

Uber Hawk

“Uber hawk” landed on the hood of a car, then took a spin through downtown Los Angeles, and it’s all caught on camera!

Eddy the driver and her passenger Hobbs, who shot the video, can be heard laughing throughout as the hawk scowls, spreads his wings, walks across the windshield wipers and digs in.

Eventually, the hawk flew off.

“We felt like Uber for Hawks,” they posted at the end of the video. “Hope he gave us five stars.”

Would your husband know what to do?” Eddy asks Hobbs in the video from the passenger seat. “No,” laughs Hobbs. So, the next person they thought of was their bird expert friend, ironically, the Black Hawk Down Screenwriter, Ken Nolan.

Bird experts say the hawk is likely disoriented and may have temporarily lost motor skills. They recommend in this situation to call the state fish and wildlife conservation commission.

“He actually flew up to the sunroof and was looking at us through the sunroof and that was weird,” said Eddy. “Eventually he flew away, and he was fine but it was almost like we were the animals in the zoo. He was really interested in us.”