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Bachelorette Hannah Brown Sent to Emergency Room During Show

Hannah Brown

During Monday night’s Bachelorette , Hannah Brown, was sent to the hospital, just three episodes into this season.

Though dramatic scenes showed Hannah hooked up to IVs in the ER and later canceling her date with Connor, it seems she was back to her normal self just hours later.

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As she explained to Connor (who later showed up at her place, where she was recovering), she had passed out soon after waking up that morning. She was sent to the hospital, where she was pumped with fluids and later sent home to rest. “I’m not contagious,” she assured her date.

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Promos have shown that Hannah’s not the only one to get medical attention, as a fight between the men later this season seemingly has one of them leaving a date in an ambulance. While it’s unknown who the man in the ambulance is (or which contestant possibly provoked the incident), fans have guessed that controversial  contestant Luke P. may be involved.

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