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Guess the New Oreo Flavor for Chance to Win $50,000

Oreo has rolled out dozens of new flavors over the past few years but they’ve just taken it to a new level.

According to Food & Wine Magazine, the newest Oreo flavor is a mystery! They come in a white package, and the cookies are the traditional chocolate Oreo cookies, but they’re not telling you what the cream is.

Instead of revealing the new Oreo flavor, per standard Mystery Oreo release operating procedures, fans of the classic sandwich cookie can submit their flavor guesses for the chance to win $50,000 or one of five $10,000 prizes.

The cookie company is giving fans the opportunity to test the cookie and submit their guesses between Oct. 9 and Nov. 30.

So what could it be? According to the people who’ve tried them, they all decided it’s either Fruity Pebbles or a more generic “cereal milk.” And Oreo already did a Fruity Pebbles flavor called “Fruity Crisp,” so maybe they’re on to something with that cereal milk idea.

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