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Gary Payton Talks College Hoops’ Biggest Weekend

Dos Equis

The 2019 college basketball season culminates this weekend in Minneapolis. Who will be walking away as victors, and who will be walking away $100K richer?

That’s right, there’s money on the line…but not for the tournament you’re probably thinking of.

That’s because US Bank Stadium won’t be the only place in Minneapolis hosting heart-stopping basketball madness. Across town at the Mall of America, the Dos Equis 3X3U National Championship will host the best graduating seniors from each Division 1 conference, and they’ll be competing for CASH. One thousand dollars for every win, $100K to the champions, and a little something extra for those who embrace Payton’s on-court specialty: trash talk.

In his four-year career at Oregon State, Gary Payton guided his team to three NCAA tournaments. He knows what it’s like to compete at the highest levels––including win-or-go-home time as a college senior.