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Funding School Classrooms and Projects

Every year we’re asked to bring more and more items for our children into their classrooms, and it feels like the requests never stop. But did you know teachers are spending more of their own money, too? More than $1 BILLION was spent by teachers on supplies last year – from their own pockets!

Charles Best founded – a crowdfunding platform where teachers post classroom project ideas and the public chooses which to support. In the last 16 years, the non-profit has raised millions of dollars to fund more than 750,000 projects.

For the ninth year, is teaming up with SONIC® for the Limeades for Learning® Fall Voting Campaign. From September 25 – October 22, people across the U.S. will determine how SONIC® will donate $1 million to teachers this fall by visiting the Limeades for Learning website and voting for the projects they want funded.

Charles Best and Christi Woodworth, Vice President of Public Relations at SONIC® sat down with Josh McBride to talk about the initiative.

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