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Couple Found After Frenchman Finds Their ‘Message In a Bottle’ in France

A heartwarming story connecting Atlanta to France a man who discovered a ‘message in a bottle’ that washed ashore in Southern France. The message read “Ben & Julie Forever.”

Amazingly, Philippe Leclercq reached the happy couple by phone. “We were at our daughter’s birthday party and Ben received a strange text message with an international number.  We decided to text back and Philippe texted that he found our bottle on the beach and we were stunned and floored,” said Julie Johnson.

Credit: Philippe Leclercq

Ben and Julie Johnson took a Carnival Cruise to celebrate their engagement in 2012.  The couple were on the back deck of the ship when Ben wrote the note. “I am going to put this note in a bottle and see if someone finds it,” said Ben to Julie. Ben put a one dollar bill in the bottle, corked it and threw the bottle off the back of the ship.

“It was really neat to see the photos after four years,” said Juile.  The couple texted back and forth with Philippe about the bottle.  “We played the lotto last night with the numbers on the date we sent the note, our wedding date and our daughter’s birthday.” The couple did not hit any of the numbers, but had to play due to the nature of the entire days events.  The couple married in May 2014.

This story was first reported originally by Marnie Williams on February 27, 2016