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French Director Luc Besson Accused of Another Sexual Assault

luc besson

Luc Besson finds himself in the midst of another sexual assault allegation.

A 49-year-old french casting director recently broke her silence and is the second woman to accuse Besson of sexual assault, according to reports in the French media. The casting director said that she was assaulted by the director “every time I took the lift with him,” and that he also demanded sexual favors from her on set.

The new claims, first published by French investigative website Mediapart and reported by the AFP, follow allegations filed two months again by a young actress who claimed Besson raped her.

Besson’s screen credits includes Lucy, Nikita and The Fifth Element.

According to  Thierry Marembert (Besson’s lawyer) the allegations are “fantasist accusations.”

Besson is by far the most prominent figure in the European film industry to be accused of sexual assault in the wake of the #MeToo movement.