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Your Favorite Movie Stars Before They Were Famous!


Do you remember Jennifer Aniston in Leprechan or leading actor Bradley Cooper in The Midnight Meat Train? No?
Well they probably wish you didn’t either!

We spoke with pop culture geek Maude Garrett and she had some fun discussing stars in movies before they were famous – a series of titles featuring your favorite actors or hidden gems from your favorites.

Some of her faves include:

  • Jason Momoa in Wolves (2014), DeBug (2016), Sugar Mountain (2015)
  • Gerard Butler (who has a movie in cinemas now) in One Last Kiss (2000)
  • Cate Blanchett (also on the big screen now) in Little Fish (2005)

“I think we forget that A-listers don’t happen overnight and they have to forge this career ahead of them before they get BIG,” said Garrett.  “A lot of these movies that stars acted in prior to become famous can be found on, the world’s largest free streaming service.”