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Is Your Family and Company More Vulnerable to Hacking?

Palo Alto Networks

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered the single largest work-from-home scenario the global business community has ever experienced. Forty-two percent of Americans are working remotely to some degree. But, we aren’t the only ones who are busy. Cybercriminals are also busy looking for an opportunity.

The Daily Buzz talked with Ryan Olson from one of the world’s largest cybersecurity companies, Palo Alto Networks, about recommended steps to help us all protect our digital lives.

As homes become offices keeping data secure is more important, and challenging, than ever! Ryan says phishing emails are the most common cyber threats to a remote workforce, right now. Cybercriminals are sending emails intended to infect computers with malware or steal personal information. Ryan tells us to be suspicious of emails related to COVID-19 – especially links you don’t recognize. Crooks are creating fake websites to steal data and turn a profit.

As this pandemic may forever change the world of work, businesses must act now to help mitigate the risks and ensure employee security, connectivity and productivity. It starts with safe and secure passwords. Ryan suggests enabling a two-factor authentication. Also, take time to update home routers with the latest software updates. Lastly, Ryan reminds us to keep our personal computer and work computer separate. He says businesses often have special security measure for work content. If you suspect a security breach on your computer, immediately contact your IT department.


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