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Eye Protection and Sunglasses Fashion with Zanna Roberts Rassi

Research shows that nearly 75 percent of Americans report they’re concerned about the potential side effects of UV eye exposure, however, only 21.2 percent report that they always wear sunglasses. Are ultraviolet rays causing damage to your vision health?

According to a survey by The Vision Council, following prolonged UV exposure American adults report experiencing symptoms including: trouble seeing, irritation in the eye, wrinkles around the eyes, and even cancer on or around the eye. Whether wrap-arounds, rimless or studded with rhinestones, sunglasses are vital for shielding eyes from harmful UV rays and diminishing glare that can cause distractions while driving, working, and playing. Regardless of age, sunglasses should be worn outdoors all year long, during daylight hours…after all, they’re not called “summer glasses.”

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