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Exhausted Marine Crawls to Finish at Boston Marathon

Micah Herndon

Micah Herndon, a Marine who ran the Boston Marathon in honor of three men he served alongside, crawled across the finish line on Monday as his body almost gave up — but his mind didn’t.

Micah Herndon, 31, ran the race in 3 hours and 38 minutes, according to race results. But to hit that mark, he had to physically drag his body along the pavement to finish the race.

Herndon, of Ohio, served several deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Record-Courier reported. During a tour in Afghanistan in 2010, three people he was with were killed when they were targeted by an IED.

Marines Mark Juarez and Matthew Ballard, and Rupert Hamer, a British journalist, died. He said he ran the Boston Marathon on Sunday for them. He said that despite his small plights — whether his feet hurt or he’s tired from running — he reminds himself why he continues, in true “Semper Fi” fashion.

In a Facebook post, Herndon shared a photo of a pair of orange Nike sneakers, but with a sentimental detail: three small golden plates featuring the names of Juarez, Ballard and Hamer are weaved in with the shoelaces. The plates served as a reminder to Herndon of why he keeps running.

Micah Herndon
AP Photo/Charles Krupa

Videos posted online Monday show Herndon kept his word. Close to the end, he crawled to the finish line, finishing the race 11,334 overall.