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Exclusive Interview: Grammy Award Winner Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton

CBD oil has steadily gained popularity as a natural approach to pain relief for many people dealing with chronic pain. But, there are still many misunderstandings and misconceptions. Who better to clear the air than people who have lived with chronic pain AND found a way to manage it… with CBD products!? The Daily Buzz recently chatted with one of the most decorated performers of our time, Toni Braxton, and the Co-founder of Uncle Bud’s Topical Pain Reliever, Garrett Greller.

Diagnosed with lupus about 10 years ago, Braxton had a tough time finding relief from the chronic, and painful, autoimmune disease. Braxton eventually began using Uncle Bud’s natural, hemp-infused topical pain relief products and claims they have helped so much. She told The Daily Buzz, “I remember when the doctor told me I would never be able to perform again. With already being on so many medications, I completely fell in love with this product. The best thing is my kids can use it! With me having this illness, lupus, I am not trying to play victim. I am always trying to find the silver lining. For me Uncle Bud’s was the silver lining.” When Greller was unable to find relief from aches and pain associated with his arthritis he invented his own treatment, “I tried everything! From prescription medications to other alternatives. One day I came across a documentary about CBD – I learned about it, I wrote a 4 page essay to my parents, taught them a little about it and they were open to letting me try it.” And from there, Greller co-founded the Uncle Bud’s Brand. The new Uncle Bud’s Maximum Strength CBD line launched this month at GNC.

Together Garrett and Braxton hope to clear misconceptions surrounding CBD. They tell us the products can NOT get you high and they do not contain THC.

With pain under control, the show (and the music!) must go on for Toni Braxton. She recently teased her ig fans with a picture inside a recording studio! See post:

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Wait for it…

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“Performing is my favorite thing to do. It’s always good to get back to do what I love to do!” Braxton told The Daily Buzz.

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