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Drew Carey Ex-Fiance Dr. Amie Harwick Murdered

Drew Carey Ex-Fiance Dr. Amie Harwick Murdered

Comedian and show host Drew Carey’s ex-fiance, Dr. Amie Harwick was murdered, TMZ reports. Her ex-boyfriend allegedly attacked her and caused her to fall from a third-story balcony, law enforcement states. 

Sources say that the cops were called early Saturday morning after a woman was heard screaming in Hollywood Hills. Harwick’s roommate confirmed that she was assaulted inside her own home. Evidence shows that there was force entry in Harwick’s home and there seemed to be a struggle. The suspect was caught on surveillance showing him to be a white male wearing all black. Dr. Amie raised flags about her ex-boyfriend and got a restraining order against her ex, Gareth Pursehouse. The restraining order ended about two weeks before the murder. Cops arrested Pursehouse for murder Saturday afternoon. 

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Drew Carey and Amie Harwick started dating in 2017 and got engaged in 2018. They called things off almost a year later. Harwick was a sex therapist.