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Ellie Kemper: Living Your “Real Life” During the Holidays

Ellie Kemper

Today’s connected world can feel more disconnected than ever and Americans are struggling to balance everything, including their “digital lives” and their “real lives.”

You know her from the big and small screen on such hits as The Office, Bridesmaids and, of course, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  Actress Ellie Kemper wants you to slow down on your screen watching during the holidays and focus on your “Real Life.”

Common Sense Media reports that screen time increases dramatically over the Holiday Season – with the average family of four spending more than 250 hours on screens.

Actress and mom Kemper joined us to share tips on how to make sure you spend quality time with your family over the holidays.

“My holiday plans are to go back to St. Louis and spending time with a lot of family.  I love working with HP.  I joined HP’s campaign ‘Get Real’,” said Kemper. “I value time ‘away from the screen’ and spending time with each other face-to-face.”

“HP’s campaign is all about producing printable activities for the holidays.  I think it’s very important to spend quality time with family and not at a screen.”

“HP has created over 250 hours of printable activities to do with your family,” said Kemper. “It’s perfect for younger kids and very nostalgic for me and brings me back to being a kid too!”