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Dwayne Johnson Surprises Grandma With Video for Her 100th Birthday

Dwayne Johnson

Jamie Klingler wanted to do something special for her best friend’s grandmother Marie Grover on her 100th birthday, so she reached out to the publicist and agent of Dwayne Johnson to help.

Klingler described “Grandmom Grover” to Buzzfeed News as the “wonderful woman who enhanced my childhood and my life.” She’s also been a huge fan of Dwayne Johnson for the past 30 years.

While Klingler knew it was a long shot, she wanted to at least try getting “The Rock” involved in what could be the greatest gift she has ever received on such monumental birthday. So she got to work by reaching out to Johnson’s publicist and agent, but nothing was working until a tweet grabbed his attention.

When Grandmom Grover’s 100th birthday finally arrived on Tuesday, Johnson surprised her with a special video message that included a personalized rendition of “Happy Birthday.”

Happy 100th birthday, Grandmom Grover!


HEARTWARMING WISHES: The Rock wanted to surprise one of his biggest fans, "Grandmom Grover," with a video message for her 100th birthday! "What a wonderful life. Now you can eat cake. You can get drunk. Have a great time." Happy 100th Birthday Ms. Grover!

Posted by The Daily Buzz on Thursday, October 3, 2019


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