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Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram Post Sparks Backlash

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson sparked backlash after his controversial post on Instagram.

Last week, the 1st Armored Division took to Twitter to announce that they named one of their tanks after Johnson.

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“‘If you smell what America’s Tank Division is cooking!” Shoutout to the #IronSoldiers assigned to the @Blackhawk_SQDN for naming one of their tanks in homage to the @TheRock. Hopefully the ‘People’s Champ’ will see it and give you guys a shoutout and a retweet! #TuesdayThoughts,” they wrote.

Johnson took to Instagram on Friday to express gratitude to the Blackhawk Squadron.

I’m sending a salute of respect & gratitude to the Blackhawk Squadron ?? 1st Armored Division for the honor of naming their tank (the most advanced in the world) Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.
Heavy duty, bad ass, sexy AF and built to take care of business ? — but most importantly, thank you all for your service. Grateful to the bone. #IronSoldiers #BlackhawkSquadron#1stArmouredDivision #FortBliss #TheDRJ #BloodSweatRespect,” Johnson wrote.

Johnson’s post got over two million likes and thousands of comments. Many followers showed support and congratulated the actor. However, many disapproved and expressed that they would unfollow Johnson.

“That’s not something to be very proud of because it’ll be your name on that tank that’ll kill innocent people,” a user claimed.

“Not sure having a destructive weapon named after you is such a great honor,” a fan argued.

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“Well I really like you as a person and everything but what is a tank meant for? If it is to take the lives of human beings and others then it is not admirable… I hope it won’t be used… May God bless you all ?? Peace and Love,” one Instagram user commented.

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