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Dwayne Johnson Spends Time at His Grandparents Gravestone

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson took to Instagram on Sunday to pay tribute to his late grandparents.

The actor shared a photo of High Chief Peter Fanene Leifi Maivia and Ofelia Fuataga Maivia’s gravestone. It read, ““ALOFA FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS. Beloved husband & wife, parents & grandparents / The ukulele has ended, but your melody lingers on / For life is not forever, love is.”

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Johnson captioned the post, “Double shot of tequila ? for him. Beautiful lei ? for her. So good to spend some alone time with my grandma and grandpa today here in Hawaii. Life is so wildly hectic and unpredictable.
But it’s amazing how slowing down to sit and talk with the spirits of your loved ones can recalibrate your soul. Much needed. Heart is full. Love you both, promise kept ??.”

Johnson’s grandfather was a Samoan-American professional wrestler who was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. He passed away due to cancer in 1982, and Johnson’s grandmother passed away in 2008.

Johnson also posted a video to share that he goes back to places of his past while visiting Hawaii. He showed his fans the home that he and his family were evicted from. Johnson gave hope to those struggling by telling them to stay strong and keep pushing through.