Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman Welcomes New Member to “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Team

Duane Chapman

An adorable pug on Instagram, known as Ninja Nate The Pug, showed off his Halloween costume as Duane Chapman, Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Sporting a blonde mullet, sunglasses and even a fugitive recovery agent badge, Ninja, was the spitting image of Dog.

Nate was also equipped with a special doggy tactical vest featuring a Dog the Bounty Hunter patch and a pair of angel wings in honor of the late Beth Chapman.

Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman did end up seeing the photo and he reposted it to his own Instagram account. “LOVE THIS !! 👏🤙🏻” he responds. The owner of this adorable little pug shares the full photo of his costume as well. It features a fugitive recovery agent badge and what appears to be a bullet-proof vest with angel wings. There was even a fake gun attached to it! He could really put the real Dog out of business!

Dog’s audience was all over this adorable costume! Everyone has been commenting on how great of a costume it was and how it was now going viral all over the Internet.

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