Duane Chapman’s Daughter Debunks Rumors He Is Dating Again

Duane Chapman

Bonnie Chapman was quick to debunk any rumors that her dad, Duane Chapman, is dating again less than two months after his wife, Beth Chapman, died.

Duane Chapman stepped out with a female friend in Los Angeles over the weekend, sparking speculation that the widower is dating again.

On Saturday, Chapman was photographed with a brunette outside of a restaurant in Los Angeles. A source tells PEOPLE the woman is actually a longtime friend of the Chapmans. According to the source, several crew members from Duane Chapman’s upcoming show, Dog’s Most Wanted, were also at the dinner.

Duane Chapman

“Pissed on my father’s behalf that he can’t go on a business dinner without someone speculating he’s on a date,” the 20-year-old wrote on her Instagram Stories on Sunday, August 11. “Leave our family alone please. Leave my father alone, let him try to continue our business in peace.”

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In a second post, Bonnie added: “If you really wanna know who she is, she’s a member of our crew, and dad was out with 8 other people at that dinner.” Her response came one day after Dog, 66, was photographed having dinner with a female pal in Los Angeles.