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Dos Equis to Launch College Football Football College

Dos Equis

Thanks to a new certificate program from Dos Equis, beer drinkers across the country can be transformed from fans yelling nonsense at a television into fans yelling at an expert level.

The curriculum was developed in partnership with John U. Bacon, author of countless books on college football. Professor Bacon’s courses include misconceptions, trick plays, offensive positions and plenty more. Faculty also includes Jay Cutler, former college and professional quarterback, Katie Nolan, ESPN personality, and Martellus Bennett, former college and professional tight end. While the college itself is absurd, the classes are legit.

“It’s an online course with Dos Equis and you can get a certificate from ‘a beer school’ and the ultimate prize is you have bragging rights that you are an expert in the field of college football,” former NFL QB Jay Cutler told The Daily Buzz.

A curriculum of ten free, binge-able lessons covering topics from trick plays to offensive positions is all it takes to earn that coveted “degree” in college football watching…and a chance to win tickets to the College Football Playoff National Championship in New Orleans, just by taking the final exam.

Jay Cutler enjoys beer, football, beer, and teaching, in that order. When he‘s not at the campus watering hole or tutoring students on the ins and outs of Dos Equis at a local sports bar, he‘s shaping the minds of tomorrow‘s football watchers into long, football-shaped minds. And he‘s not just a professor. He‘s also a Football College graduate.

“My favorite memory from college was the first moment I stepped on campus and that excitement is something you never forget.  My final game versus Tennessee, knowing I went out on top will always be with me,” said Cutler.

Enrollment opened on August 24 with the launch of ten video lessons, and students are encouraged to do what they do best: binge ’em all. Students who complete the final exam by December 20, 2019 will be automatically entered for a chance to win tickets to the College Football Playoff National Championship in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Professor Cutler, College Football Football College graduate and football-watching mentor added, “Fans can now be the first in their family to earn a football watching certificate from a beer brand, which is a real accomplishment. Something to be proud of, for sure.”

To learn more about the Dos Equis College Football Football College or to enroll in courses, visit The Dos Equis College Football Football College is not an accredited university.