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Dogs Rescued In Georgia Puppy Mill Receive New Outlook on Life

Releash Atlanta

Close to 700 dogs were found living in deplorable conditions at a South Georgia breeder’s home in March. Releash Atlanta is one of many rescues and shelters who are providing homes to 12 them.

The handful of rescues, affectionately known as “The New Kids on The Block” crew, were rescued by the non-profit. The dogs came to Releash Atlanta in terrible conditions.  With little, to no human contact, the majority of the dogs were living in filthy conditions, over-crowded crates and covered in urine and dog feces with zero vetting. Many have medical issues and injuries that needed tending to immediately.

A video of one of the NKOTB crew has since gone viral with over 1.5 million views. It shows what life is like living in a puppy mill, cramped inside cages, with no room to lay down.

Melissa Lentz, a foster volunteer for Releash Atlanta since 2011, shot heart wrenching video of “Jordan,” a two-year-old poodle, the first night that he was brought home.  It’s a heartbreaking reality that Lentz showed the world. “He was so used to standing to sleep due to his cramped cage,” she explained. “He did the same thing on his first night in his foster home. I tried to show him how to lay down and gently pushed his legs but he was too scared. As much as I wanted him to lay down I didn’t want to frighten him.”

Jordan, along with many of the dogs rescued, never walked on grass before and didn’t know what a step was or how to climb, let alone sleep laying down.

“Jordan” has come a very long way from the first night in terms of adjusting to his new outlook on sleep. Lentz has been documenting his journey on her Facebook page. “Update on Jordan Knight: the little guy is now sleeping in my bed every night and LOVING it!!! He is still skittish but he’s getting better every day. He loves other dogs and is now laying down to sleep – that’s how he learned to lay down from copying them.”

On a personal note, my husband and I adopted a rescue from Releash Atlanta and the work the foster volunteers do for these dogs is absolutely incredible.  It’s a true labor of love.

Follow Jordan’s journey: CLICK HERE

You can inquire about adopting Jordan when he’s available through Releash Atlanta. You can also help these survivors by making a donation to Releash Atlanta.