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Dixie Chicks Announce New Album and Tour Coming in 2020

Dixie Chicks

Dixie Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines gave more details on the trio’s highly anticipated fifth album on the “Spiritualgasm” podcast this week, announcing that the album was tentatively titled Gaslighter.

The trio has been working with producer Jack Antonoff on the project and has continually teased the new release on social media.

The Chicks’ upcoming album will be their last under a seven-album contract with Sony. Their previous releases include four studio albums and two live albums, and Maines revealed that the trio had planned to record an album of covers for their seventh project. That changed after Maines’ divorce from husband Adrian Pasdar, which led to the decision to record original material.

Maines also hinted at a 2020 Dixie Chicks tour, saying the band had just received their “routing” (i.e. tour map) and mentioning arenas as a possibility.

In addition to details on the new album, Maines went into her decision to “take time off” from music (not counting a 2013 solo album) following the Dixie Chicks’ Grammy sweep. “You have these dreams, and I had surpassed all of my dreams,” she said, adding that it had also been difficult for her and Pasdar to raise their children as two working parents. “To make a record means you have to tour. It’s a whole cycle. It was easier when the kids weren’t in school – you just bring them [on tour] – but once they got their own lives, we didn’t want to make their lives about us and our careers … I just wanted to be a mom.”

“Our last album was the most personal and autobiographical we’ve ever been,” said Maines. “And then this one is 10 times that.” When asked about the album’s name, she said that its working title is Gaslighter, which is also the title of one of its tracks.

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