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Disney World Kills Rumor A Classic Attraction Is Being Replaced

Disney World

A rumor reported that Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room was on the chopping block to make way for a new attraction and Walt Disney World has now put fans at ease by stating that this will not be happening.

The original rumor stated that the plan was to replace Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room with a new show themed after Moana that would be timed to open with the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World and Magic Kingdom in 2021.

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A Disney official clapped back with an authorized blog post of his own to set the record straight.

“A little birdie told us there are some rumors flying around about our beloved Tiki birds at Walt Disney World Resort. We’re sorry that our fans are being fed incorrect information by unscrupulous sources.” Thomas Smith, editorial content director for Disney Parks, wrote online.

While “toucan” play at that game, we deal in facts here at the Disney Parks Blog, There are no plans for our feathered friends to fly the coop any time soon. We’re constantly evolving our stories, but these birds will continue entertaining our guests at the Magic Kingdom Park just as they have done since 1971.

The Disney Parks Blog statement does make reference to the fact that Disney is “constantly evolving our stories” so it’s possible that something like an overlay, or some other change, is being considered for the attraction, but there are no plans to replace the Enchanted Tiki Room.