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Danny Masterson’s Cousin Among The Dead at Terrorist Attack in Kenya

Danny Masterson

The cousin of actors Danny Masterson and Christopher Masterson was one of 21 people killed in a terrorist attack in Narirobi, Kenya.

According to reports from the region, a terrorist armed with guns and explosives entered Nairobi’s DusitD2 compound, where he began an hours-long attack which resulted in the deaths of 21 people.

Masterson took to social media to share his loss and condemn the actions of the terrorists who attacked the hotel.

“Scumbags known as Al-Shabaab attacked a hotel in Kenya as we all now know. They killed two dozen people including my/our cousin #JasonSpindler,” The Ranch alum captioned an Instagram photo of the late Spindler.

“I know these cowards, who weren’t already killed, will die slow painful deaths and we will dance on their graves,” he wrote. “You disgrace Islam and you disgrace the beautiful people of the Muslim world. You justify your actions as holy but no Higher Being admits your existence. You are f—ing pieces of s—.”

He finished with a note to Spindler: “Godspeed my Texas cuz. Your family will never be the same.”

Spindler, who would have turned 41 next week, was among the 21 dead at the hours-long attack at Nairobi’s DusitD2 compound. Men armed with guns and explosives burst into the compound, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said.

Also mourning their cousin is Danny’s brother Chris, who is best known for his role as older brother Reese in TV’s Malcolm In The Middle.

After finishing up on Malcolm In The Middle, Chris dabbled in a few more acting roles, however today he makes his buck as a DJ.

A University of Texas at Austin business graduate, Spindler earned a doctoral law degree at New York University.

“His tragic death is a loss not only to his loved ones, but to the community of individuals dedicated to improving the lives of others through social enterprise,” NYU said in a statement.