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Cyber Security Expert Brings Attention to Security and Privacy Trends

Cyber Security

Consumer privacy was thrown into the spotlight in 2018 with Cambridge Analytica and the Facebook data privacy hearings, as well as the revelations about app location tracking and privacy bugs in widely-used apps such as Apple’s FaceTime feature. Smart phones could arguably be the greatest spying device ever created – a camera, a listening device and location tracker all in one that is willingly carried and used wherever its owner goes. While targeted by nation-states for traditional spying, it’s also become a lucrative way to collect consumers’ personal information – mobile app developers are out of control as they attempt to cash in, leaving virtually nothing off-limits in terms of user privacy.

This is just one of the issues revealed in Symantec’s latest Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR). For instance, what’s the danger of an infected router? What is formjacking and why is it the breakthrough threat of 2018?

Cyber security expert Kevin Haley from Norton LifeLock, a Symantec company, brings attention to security and privacy trends including how criminals are spying on our conversations, locations and more.

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