Crock-Pot Defends Itself After Last Night’s Horrifying ‘This Is Us’ Twist

Warning: This article contains huge spoilers for last night’s episode of This Is Us.

In last night’s deeply upsetting episode of This Is Us, ‘That’ll Be The Day’, the long-simmering mystery of Jack Pearson’s death finally gets some resolution.

The episode chronicled Jack’s final day alive—which also happened to be Super Bowl Sunday of 1998—and showed how that fateful house fire got started. Twist: it was the Crock-Pot.

As it turns out, Jack and Rebecca were given their Crock-Pot back before their children were born, by a kindly neighbor, George, who was moving out of his house. “You gotta fiddle with the switch, but it works,” George told them cheerfully, blissfully unaware that in roughly seventeen years’ time, his gift would end up burning down their home and killing Jack! Back in 1998, we see the Crock-Pot malfunction, blinking with an ominous red light and catching fire, with the flames rapidly engulfing the entire downstairs of the house.

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