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Crayola Spring Fling Collection Give Nails New Hues of Spring

Sally Hansen debuted another Crayola inspired nail polish line that screams spring, according to simplemost.com.

Sally Hansen x Crayola Spring Fling Collection includes six new shades.

Crayola Crayons has been apart of almost everyone’s childhood and now people can finally have a little piece of nostalgia on their fingernails and toes.

Sally Hansen partnered up with Crayola last year in their Back-to-School Collection and made a line of 12 nail polishes. The Crayola polishes were so successful, that Sally Hansen launched her spring collection over the weekend. The Sally Hansen Back-to-School Collection colors featured: Razzmatazz; Carnation Pink; Cerulean; Denim; Wild Strawberry; Scarlet; Vivid Violet; Purple Heart; Sunset Orange; White; Granny Smith Apple; and Dandelion.

The new collection can be found at your local retailer and starts at $3.96 a bottle. Some retailers have sold out, so act quickly if you want to rock some new spring hues.

The Crayola Spring Collection is apart of the Insta-dri formula and dries in 60 seconds. It also, includes a base and top coat to give your nails a little extra boost. The six new shades are: Canary, Melon, Cotton Candy, Sea Green, Sky Blue and Wisteria.

The packaging of the nail polish comes equipped with the Crayola markings from the crayons.

If you want to be the cool kid on the block, definitely pick up some new shades out of the spring collection— and let your nails do the talking!