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Corey Feldman Honors Corey Haim on Anniversary of His Death

Corey Feldman

On the ninth anniversary of Corey Haim’s death, actor Corey Feldman has released a tribute video with an original song in honor of his friend’s passing.

Corey Feldman released the video tribute to Corey Haim on his official YouTube channel. It is called “U R Free.”

In the video’s description, Corey Feldman reiterated his pledge to Corey Haim to tell the story of both men’s victimization and abuse in Hollywood.

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Corey Feldman wrote the following in the video’s description.

“2 Corey, its been 9 lonely yrs w/o U. I made U this video collage using some of R private photos that have never been seen or released 2 the public including the last 2 pics I ever took of U, that were taken just days b4 U passed. It is created using a bit of a new song that I wrote 4 U. I promised U a decade ago that I would complete this mission & tell your story. I LOVE U 4 EVER U R MY BROTHER, & I would never let U down! I give U my word B4 the 10th Anniversary the whole #TRUTH will hav been told & the process of bringing your abusers 2 justice will have begun, I #BELIEVE we will BOTH get justice 4 the crimes done 2 us as children. I’ll NEVER GIVE UP, & I’ll NEVER QUIT! God B with us brother Corey, and God bless all victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse! #RIPCOREYHAIM #THETRUTHISCOMING #TRUTHDOC #Kids2”