College Football Championship Saturday Preview

In one of the most highly anticipated dates of the college football season, this year’s championship Saturday might take the cake. With playoff ramifications on the line, Auburn, Georgia, Miami, Clemson, Oklahoma, TCU, Ohio State and Wisconsin all plan to make their case today on the field. And don’t forget about the team not playing today, the Alabama Crimson Tide, who hope the scoreboard tilts in their favor.

Don’t discredit Memphis and UCF for the AAC title, either. Both teams know how to score and play an entertaining brand of football. It should be quite the wild ride throughout the day, so sit back and enjoy the ball games.

Championship Saturday Football Game Schedule

UCF – Memphis: 12:00 ET

TCU – Oklahoma: 12:30 ET

Georgia – Auburn: 4:00 ET

Fresno State – Boise St: 7:45 ET

Miami – Clemson: 8:00 ET

Ohio State – Wisconsin: 8:00 ET

We want to know from you, who do think wins today? And who do you think is deserving to make the playoff?