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Former Chef Brings Awareness to Canine Cancer Through Food

Chef Paciotti

“Healthy Dog Eats with Dr. Cos” is a cooking show with a twist!  Brought to you by former chef Kim Paciotti and her sidekick, a loveable Bernese Mountain Dog, Cosmos.  Paciotti wants to bring prevention awareness of canine cancer.  Taking a proactive approach and replacing our current dogs food with 25% of natural whole foods can have a great impact on our dogs life.

Credit: Kim Paciott

Each week Paciotti takes a recipe and makes it safe for the dogs.  With the onset of Thanksgiving she has taken on the challenge of the green bean casserole.  The Green Bean Casserole was created in 1955 and made in more than 20 million households per year at Thanksgiving.  More than 10,000 people request the recipe from Campbell’s each year.  It has been said it is the most controversial dish at the table, as you either love it or hate it!

“We often express our love to others with food.  We make special dishes, family favorites, and for many of us, our dogs are our family, so it only seems right to include them.” Paciotti states. “With our show we not only show you how to make a great dish you can actually share with your dog, we also talk about everything dog.  From training, to obesity, to travel and more.”  The weekly episodes and recipes can be viewed at

Training Canines, LLC is owned by Kim Paciotti, CPDT-KA.  A former chef and now certified dog trainer she is often referred to as the canine scientist and puppy expert. Kim Paciotti knows what works when it comes to puppy training as she and her team have trained over 300 puppies in the past 5 years! Her unique insight of how puppy’s learn and develop led her share her knowledge with her newly released book, A Puppy’s Perspective:  101 Puppy Training Tips You Need to Know, available on Amazon.   You can learn more at