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CEO Shares Ways to Effectively Revitalize the Workplace

The modern workplace is changing. Teams are geographically distributed, there are new pressures on employees to digitize work, competition is multi-directional, and long-time company norms just aren’t efficient anymore.  In other words, your mom and dad’s workplace is gone.

To be effective in the new world of work, employees and teams have to engage in continuous learning to elevate their work. In the age of digital transformation – time management and project completion are known to be top stress-inducing tasks, but getting work done AND doing it right leads to finishing strong, possible promotions, and smooth career transitions.

Alex Shootman, CEO at Workfront, is the author of Done Right, which pulls from over thirty interviews with experienced leaders across a variety of industries to show how everyone from decision makers to team members can effectively navigate the modern workforce. For more information, watch below.