Cat’s Pajamas Doesn’t Work Out Well For This Kitty

Cat Pajamas

A cat in Fairfax, Vermont, did not look like he was loving his new cat pajamas based on a video shared on Reddit on November 5.

Brian LaClair shared footage of his cat sporting a new sleepwear and looking less than thrilled about it. “My sister decided the cat needed some pajamas…we can’t tell if he hates them or is just too comfortable,” he wrote. The cat is seen wearing the pajamas and repeatedly falling over onto his back.

LaClair writes on his Facebook page: “the cat does not hate us and it was very quickly obvious (per the video) that he did not want to wear these pajamas (and they were very quickly removed) He is loved, loves us very much, and definitely has not taken any sort of revenge other than being needy and wanting to be pet at all hours of the day ?”

LaClair mentions on Facebook that the cat was rescued in January and may be about 1 or 2 years old.

The video has been seen over 1 million times on Facebook.

Credit: Brian LaClair

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